Primavera Club 10 - Wednesday

Primavera Club, the little brother of Primavera Sound left us yesterday. We've enjoyed 5 days where we've watched and discovered bands from many different styles on different venues from around the city. The festival also took part in Madrid at the same time and most of the bands played 2 concerts in each city, so we could watch mostly everything we wanted to with few exceptions (John Grant or Yuck).

CUCHILLO / Apolo / 19.30h

We arrived to Apolo when the post-rock duet from Barcelona was already on stage. A very quiet and dark atmosphere that fit perfectly with them. Cuchillo (knife for Spanish) aren't particularly violent which doesn't make them being weak; their melodies need just a little time to grow and take shape.

While at the beginning the band played some of the songs from their new EP - which I'm not really into it and frankly bored me-, the concert went in crescendo especially when the songs from their first, and only, eponymous album started to sound: "Black & White Numbers" or my favourite "Summertime in Sweden" (the drums sound here a bit rougher than in reality) set us in a good mood.

WILD NOTHING / La [2] / 20.30h

We moved to the room below Apolo to watch the Americans and... it was full, well almost. Although we already knew all the hype about Wild Nothing, it kinda took us by surprise.

Their 80s indie-pop sound was clearer than on their record and reminded us The Smiths, or if we don't go that far, The Drums, but somehow it didn't connect with the audience nor us.

Perhaps a different setlist would have changed that feeling; leaving two songs like "Chinatown" and "Summer Holiday" for the ending part was sort of a suicide.


Wellway went to see them and well... he will let us know how it was ;)

DER VENTILATOR / La [2] / 22h

We could just watch few minutes of their concert before going to the Triángulo de Amor Bizarro show and actually it sounded pretty good, despite the voice. Kairi, our special reporter (total-camerawoman taking pics and framing video at the same time) saw it entirely, so if she remembers anything about it she'll tell us something too.


Finally our most expected live for Wednesday had arrived. Triángulo de Amor Bizarro has become one of the top Spanish indie bands in the last years with only 2 albums and they wanted to show us how they do.

With their devastating wall-of-sound of noise and peculiar lyrics the Galicians made us shake and bounce with tunes such as "Amigos del género humano".

Mental note: buying a pair of earplugs.

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