Primavera, first contact

Good night!
Today Primavera sound (a music festival in Barcelona) started, well there were just 2 or 3 bands playing today. The main events will be this weekend and, of course, I will be attending to all lives I can in just three days and next week I'll talk about how they went, and which bands you may watch in the case you have any chance to do it :)

Until then, what I'm going to do is just recommend those bands (with a flag ship song for each one of them) that are going to play in that nice festival.

First of all I want to recommend an artist from the land where the festival is taking place, well, she's not from Barcelona but from Madrid, his former name as a "band" is Russian Red, yeah I know what are you thinking by looking at the photos from her myspace: "Oh! Holy shit another 'Gafapasta' with those unkindly glasses", I just advice you at least to listen one of their songs, she just launched his first CD (I think) this year, and I have to say it is one of the best new things I heard lately. His voice makes me come to mind some names such as Joanna Newsom and Pj Harvey and I assure that you won't notice that she's Spanish by her accent. So give it a try and listen her flags songs that I may say that they are: Cigarettes or No past land

The other band I'm going introduce (if you do not already know them, WTF were you doing?) is a USA band which I may say that with just 2 CD's out they joined my "must" list and they are one of the new bands that I enjoy more, specially lately I can't stop to listen their 2 CD's. Their name is Menomena and they play a strange alternative rock somehow similar to Wolf Parade or Islands that lately is some of the music I'm enjoying more. I'm really excited about going to watch them and see what can they give me :)
It's a really hard decission to choose a flag ship, but if I had to choose one maybe I would say: Rotten Hell

See you soon space cowboys...

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