Straight outta torino

Going back to the roots...finally some hip hop!!
No electro..no indie..just some tough s**t straight outta compton (ok not really from there but from the other coast)..
i was here back home with 50, a friend of mine ( and 50 is not any measurement nickname but i think u can imagine where it comes from..) and he started pushing me some new stuff directly from the east coast..and so i started thinking..pretty fly for a white guy!
and so let's go with a top 5 real hip-hop, no bullshit, no bling bling, no biatches...just great bases and some incredible flow..
Termanology - Watch how it go down
produced by DJ Premier, that you guys may know from shpwing his skillz in one of the sacred duo in hip hop, Gang Starr.
9th Wonder - Merchant of Dreams
probably the last song i heard in these days and i love it...
Non phixion - Rockstars
they are white..they are jewish, but man..they rock..
Dead prez - Hip Hop
something with a "pretty"heavy beat..bandanas and guns..revolution!!
people that as a white in the ghetto u might not want to find...Hell yeah
Dilated Peoples - Worst Comes To Worst
this song is old..but maaaan!

and it's like that...and that's the way it is...

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  1. good selection! I didn't know that Termanalogy though he looks a bit fake thug...