A long time since I didn't post anything.
After going to Razzmatazz with David and watch Ratatat playing really good and doing power moves all over scenario, I've seen David post and wanted to say something new.
First question you may ask is "Why this title?". It's not that this blog is going to finish or whatever, it's just that I want to talk about Post-Rock (most of them intrumental) bands that lately I'm listening to.

Well there are some that for sure you already know such as, most praised Sigur Rós or the well known Explosions in the sky (I love their music.), but I want to focus on other bands that are almost unknown and that are doing a really good job.

First of them are This will destroy you , they just come out with their first album after 1 E.P. and I already want to see them in live. They sound some how like Explosions but more atmospheric halo, while Explosions always gives you an impression of hope This will destroy you gives more impression of sadness.

Second is one of the bands I met while using last.fm (flying spaghetti monster bless them), they are from sweden and are called Pg.Lost. They just come out with their first Album as well and they are less sad than most of the post-rock band and somehow happier (if someone expects to listen something happy, forget it, it's just that they don't show desperation feeling that other post-rock bands shows.

I think that those 2 will be enough for now since I wrote it loger I expect.
Anyway I will give you one song of the week: Motorhead - Ace of Spades (long live rock & roll and gambling)

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