Tu vo fa l'americano...

Tu vo fà l'americano, ma si nato in Italy...(you wanna be an american, but you are born in italy)
Ramazzotti used to sing in spanish (and lucas use to sing in italian...).
Italian bands always had problem to get out of the "boot" because of the language...
some tried so hard, singing in spanish, french and also having covers in chinese.
The new generation is coming out with some nice spaghetti english..

Giuliano Palma and the bluebeaters is a great band, born from an experiment, but that got pretty big in italy singing in english (now in order to go bigger unfortunately they sing in italian again...)

Alborosie, former singer of quite succesful group in italy Raggae National Tickets, is rockin da beach in Jamaica and now became a true italian Gentleman..

A new band definitely nerdie style is coming up, just found them few days ago..
Trabant, young and ugly but they sound good...some indie finally coming out of here..

tack sa mycket...

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  1. hahaha
    there is actually a video of a guy called lucas singin' it live... awesome stuff!
    greetings from GC,