Les Savy Fav - Lips N Stuff

..but maybe we don't do hits

First of all, sorry for forgetting this a bit! I'm working... and looking for the perfect beat. This one was like love at first sight: the beginning was so intense, so perfect, adrenaline +3000%, but then.. you see some weakness, some mistakes, disapointment, and then when you think everything is over it comes back again and then it goes up and down and you know what? I like keeping the good parts but I don't know what I feel. Perfectionism sucks!

Here's the original, and this is an acoustic version. Judge yourselves.

P.S.: watching this also feels like the first time you see Bloc Party's singer.

Les Savy Fav - Lips N Stuff (video)

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  1. à procura da batida perfeita


    ou da perfeita repetição



    ha det bra!